Arduino Based CNC Machine: Week 1

I became inspired to create my own CNC machine from scratch from a couple of videos I found. First I needed to pick up some parts to start testing my designs:

  1. Motor Shield from
  2. NEMA 17 Stepper Motor from eBay
  3. Some cooling fans (Small 40mm fans)
  4. 12 volt, 60 Watt power supply

I chose a power supply that would generate enough power, which at 60 W was more than enough. Each motor requires 4.8 W and each fan 1.2 W, so for the build I will use at max 4 motors and 4 fans, making the total power output required to be at max 24 watts, therefore a cheap power supply should do the trick.

I have a access to a 3D printer while I am studying at the University of Florida, so I designed a housing to hold the fan and motor in place:

TestingHousing (Click to view in 3D)

After printing the rig, the final result fit snugly with the fan:


The next step is to wait for the power supply and DC motor to come in and get to writing some code!

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