Category: Projects

Driveworks CAD Automation

Under the mentorship of the tooling engineers at Pharmaworks, I have been developing a CAD automation tool to automate their designs and save time on design work and quoting. I use an applied Visual Basic programming language along with the software package DriveWorks to create these plugins. This project involved knowledge on:

  1. Material properties
  2. Machine shop practices
  3. Solidworks (CAD)
  4. Drafting
  5. Visual Basic
  6. Driveworks
  7. Graphic design
  8. Geometric analysis
  9. Algorithm creation / optimization

Tutorial on how to use the program / how it works:

Some of the algorithms I created:

Screen shots from the program:

CAD Animations

I created Solidworks based designs starting with CAD animations using Solidworks Composer. I have experience creating immersive CAD based training animations for Pharmaworks’ assembly tech and customers. For a long time our training department based all their training on Powerpoint presentations and constantly had to revert back to the whiteboard to try to visually explain key concepts to our customers machine operators. By creating animations, I was able to eliminate the visual barrier that was bottle necking our training program.

Animation Examples:
Forming animation (30 seconds):

Animation with content (90 seconds):