Pharmaworks – Internship

New Path to High Paying Jobs(Friday, March 13, 2015 at 3:33 PM)

Position: Intern (June, 2010-May 2015)

I began my internship in the 9th grade. Through my experience working at Pharmaworks, I worked in several areas including, but not limited to, the departments of mechanical engineering, shipping, IT, inventory, machine assembly, and machine shop.
I also created immersive training CAD animations for our assembly tech and customers. For a long time our training department based all their training on Powerpoint presentations and constantly were reverting back to the white board to try to visually explain key concepts to our customers machine operators. By creating animations, I was able to eliminate the visual barrier that was bottle necking our training program.

Over the years I learned a lot about the principles of engineering through working on the assembly end of the manufacturing process. I learned simple things like the amount of force that can be applied to a 10mm bolt before stripping it, and when it does strip, how to take it out. I also learned through working in both the engineering department and the machine shop, that what just because I can create a design in a CAD program like Solidworks, doesn’t mean it will work when I try to set up a blank sheet of aluminum on a mill.

The links below will take you to selected animations that briefly portray the types of animations I created to give you a better understanding of my job.

Forming animation (30 seconds):

Animation with content (90 seconds):

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